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How do I find a Restorationalist Church Near Me?

It seems that wherever you go today, there are brand new churches being established. This makes it really hard to answer the question, “How do I choose the right Restorationalist church near me?” But no need to fret! This article will give you a rundown of the history of the Restorationalist movement, how it makes its way into contemporary churches, and most importantly help you take a step toward solving the issue of choosing the right Restorationalist church for you. For me, it was near impossible to find every church listing in my area in one place. But with the help of this article, you’ll already be one step ahead of me when I asked the same question as you. 

What is Restorationism and How Did it Become a Church Near Me?

Restorationism, also known as Christian primitivism, is a line of Christian doctrine which holds the apostolic early church as the purest form of Christianity and longs for the modern church to return to that expression of faith. They hold the opinion that restoring church practice to this ancient tradition will fix the faults and cracks that modern society has imprinted on church beliefs and practice. The movement is, in essence, a response to the rise of denominationalism. Rubel Shelly is quoted as saying, “[the] motive behind all restoration movements is to tear down the walls of separation by a return to the practice of the original, essential and universal features of the Christian religion.” Restorationism has been attempted by several religious groups in a number of ways throughout history. Some have focused on returning their church governance systems and practices to the ways of the early church whilst others have endeavoured to transform the moral and ethical behaviours. There are even branches of restorational groups that have focused on experiencing a personal revelation of the Holy Spirit, in line with the experience of early followers of The Way. These examples indicate how vastly different the ideals and priorities of individual Restorational groups are.  

The Call of the Church: Adaption or Adherence?

Restorationalist theology appeals to many churches still today. In the wake of Modernism and with Post-Modernism well on its way, many churches are feeling the pressure to mold and adapt to the rapidly accelerating cultural norms. The changes in church beliefs and practice have opened the doors for many to criticize the direction modern churches are taking. For some, the message of the Gospel and the person of Christ have been utterly removed from modern Christian life and a return to the ways of the Early Church is all but necessary to revitalize the wider Christian church. It has been a hot topic of debate in recent times, whether the church should adapt to the culture and contextualize the Gospel to suit a certain circumstance, or whether faithful adherence to the traditions and ways of the early believers is what the church is called to do regardless of the cultural moment. For me, the Restorationalist church is nearer to the early church than many others. 

So How Do I Actually Find a Restorationalist Church Near Me?

Now the answer I promised. How can I find the right Restorationalist church near me? Well, if you have little or no idea how to start then pop over to this website to get your bearings. By inserting your area code, the page will come up with a list of every Restorationalist church in your area. Combined with the information you’ve acquired from the article, you’ll be more than prepared to complete the task.