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How do I find a Lutheran Church Near Me?

I get it! Today the variety of church options out there can be alarming when searching for the right Lutheran church near you. For me, I grew up attending a Lutheran church and if you’ve ever been part of a Lutheran community, you’ll know there is a special bond connecting each congregation. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will ideally have a greater grip on the history of Lutheranism. Trust me, you’ll be on the front foot to choose the right Lutheran church near you. 

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What is Lutheranism and How Did it Become a Church Near Me?

The Lutheran church was formed from the teachings of the influential German reformer Martin Luther. It was one of the five major denominations to emerge from the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century, alongside Methodism, Baptist, Calvinism, and Anglicanism. Lutheran churches worldwide are governed by regional or national bodies such as the Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand, or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Throughout the world there are more than 140 Lutheran church bodies with only two that are separated from the Lutheran World Federation. Following after Baptist churches, Lutheranism was recorded in the early 2000s as the second biggest Christian denomination across the globe, having more than 65 million members. Ironically, it was those opposed to the teachings of Luther who first pegged the term Lutheranism to the 16th Century movement. Lutheranism was also connected to the evangelical, protestant, and reformed traditions.  

The Life of Luther

Born in London in the early 18th Century and educated at Oxford, John Wesley became an official minister for the Church of England in 1725. The first taste of Methodism was initiated by a group Both Wesley and his brother Charles were a part of in Oxford who devoted their time to participating in the Eucharist frequently, intensely studying Scripture, and consistent outreach to those in the dilapidated Oxford prisons. Because of their methodical habits and practices, the group became known at the Methodists. Wesley alongside his brother embarked on a journey to Georgia by invitation of the colony’s founder to serve as pastors to the English settlers and missionaries. Unfortunately for the Wesleys, this experience was a negative one and they returned to Great Britain disenfranchised and disappointed by their hollow faith. The search for genuine faith saw Wesley move to Moravian colonies in America. It was hear that Wesley would have a warm encounter with Jesus, experiencing a solidification of his faith in the salvific acts of Christ. He was convicted personally and intimately that Jesus had forgiven his sins, however dark and perverse, and that he was rescued from the jaws of death. 

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The Lutheran Church’s Work in the World and Near Me

Since being established, the Lutheran Church has been largely involved in world mission including work in Thailand, Sweden, and Africa. They have been responsible for the founding of many world help organizations such as Lutheran World Service, which leads the way in Christian service projects in developing countries. Alongside their missionary work, the Lutheran Church has also been successful in establishing hospitals, medical clinics, aged care facilities, and educational facilities right across the world. 

So How do I actually find a Lutheran Church Near Me?

Now, back to the original question, “How do I find a Lutheran Church near me?” If you’ve arrived at this article with little or no idea about local Lutheran churches near you, this page helped me in deciding which one was the best fit. You’ll be able to find a complete list of Lutheran churches in your area by entering the code for your neighborhood. For me, I wanted a Lutheran church near to my house so I would instantly feel connected to the community. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the right fit for you.