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How do I find an Anglican Church Near Me?

Fantastic question! With the increase in churches around the place, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. The process of picking a church that suits your needs is becoming more and more difficult, at least it is for me. So to find an Anglican church near you, this article will outline how the church came to be and cover some of its beliefs so by the end you have enough of a grasp to make an informed decision about how and where to find an Anglican Church near me. 

The Story of the Anglican Church

The Anglican Church is one of the major denominations to be born out of the Protestant Reformation in the 1500’s, blending traditions from both the Roman Catholics and Protestants. The Anglican church today is part of a global network of churches which come under the Church of England of which the archbishop of Canterbury is the religious authority. The core of the Anglican church revolves around The Book of Common Prayer, which is a collection of liturgies that marks their independence from the Roman Catholic Church. Not long after 200AD, citizens of England began to practice Christianity and the Church of England, Anglicanism’s parent faith organization, had its first glimpse of life. In 314AD, the Church sent three bishops from what are now known as Lincoln, London, and York to establish a community in the Council of Arles in modern France. When the Anglo-Saxons conquered Roman-controlled England in the middle of the 5th Century, two renowned missionaries, St. Illtud and St. Patrick, were sent by the Church across the United Kingdom to evangelize Ireland and Wales. 

Anglicanism and the Reformation

Both groups were governed by congregationalist beliefs, sharing the opinion that a church’s governance, beliefs, and practices should be shaped from within the congregation itself, as it was in the New Testament Early Church. A key difference between the two groups was that The General Baptist tradition was born from a separatist movement. This proposed that the Church of England was fraudulent and therefore must be disconnected from the wider Body of Christ. The Particular Baptists though, believed in non-separatism which honored the unity of the Body and its fellowship. Although the non-separatists did not condemn the Church of England for their wayward practices, many did branch off and established independent worship liturgies. 

Expansion and Developing a Governance Structure

As the British empire began to colonize, the Church of England did too, by way of evangelistic missionaries. In 1784, the first American archbishop was consecrated. The establishment of churches in colonized countries meant the construction of church networks which were decentralized from the mother Church of England. In order to control increasing concerns regarding doctrine and practice, a board of bishops would convene at the Lambeth Conference hosted in Canterbury once every decade. The first conference convened due to a doctrinal concern over the preaching of a controversial Creation theology by John Colenso, the bishop of evangelical Natal. This concern, driven by the High Church of Cape Town under archbishop Tobert Gray, was the first of many discrepancies between Low and High Church Anglicans. The debacle led to heated debates surrounding a number of theological differences between congregations and created widespread uneasiness and momentary disunity throughout the Anglican network. To manage this disunity, the Anglican church began to establish governing bodies across the continents which were then delegated to each country and then segregated into diocese.  

So How do I actually find an Anglican Church Near Me?

So, what’s next? Well, if you came here with no idea of which Anglican church is your best fit, travel to this page and you’ll be able to enter the zip code for your neighborhood and locate all the Anglican churches near you. Finding an Anglican church near enough to me was always a struggle, but hopefully this search means you’ll now be able to easily find the right Anglican church near you.